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In charge of website content: ESTATE OTTO MUEHL


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The SAMMLUNG FRIEDRICHSHOF (Friedrichshof Collection) currently owns the most extensive private collection of works by Viennese Actionism artists from the 1960s and early 1970s. The collection was compiled in the 1980s by the Aktions-Analytische Kommune (Action Analytical Commune) of Otto Muehl and introduced to a cooperative after the end of the Commune in 1990. Through a long-term collaboration with Dr Hubert Klocker the collection has been able to establish itself on the international map of Contemporary Art in Austria.


In early 2019, the ESTATE OTTO MUEHL was founded, which is haeded by Dr Hubert Klocker and combines the entire legacy of Otto Muehl for the first time. It manages both the holdings of the SAMMLUNG FRIEDRICHSHOF as well as of the ARCHIVES OTTO MUEHL Foundation. An important task of the Estates is the mediation and publication of the complete work of Otto Muehl and a reactivation of the collection activity.


Website: This website is designed to promote and support those activities as detailed above.


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