8 October 2011–15 April 2012
Sammlung Friedrichshof Zurndorf

Behind the drastic mockery with which the „gang of two“ Brener and Schurz have been attacking that systematic immanence of the art world and thus defining their outsider position, lies their choice of a nomadic lifestyle, one that is full of risks and sacrifices, but also pleasures. In this sense, they call themselves “third world artists,” moving in a turbulent space and both in their performative interventions as well as their texts and pictures posing decisive questions about power relations, exclusion and discrimination.

At Sammlung Friedrichshof, they will be working on a large-format wall work and also showing a series of drawings created over the past few months in Amsterdam, Showgirls, and be presenting their infamous “concerts” to amuse the audience.

Photos © Brener / Schurz, Sammlung Friedrichshof